Billion Baby Turtles Partners

Billion Baby Turtles supports sea turtle conservation organizations that work to protect sea turtle hatchlings across around the world. The funds go towards paying local residents to patrol important turtle nesting beaches, protecting turtles that come up to nest and ensuring that the eggs are protected, and guiding the hatchlings to the sea. With these partners doing the heavy lifting, we have helped save more than 1 million baby sea turtles at more than 25 nesting beaches in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Current partners

Past partners

  • ARCAS (Guatemala)

  • Flora, Fauna & Cultura (Mexico)

  • Corcovado Foundation (Costa Rica)

  • Kutzari Foundation (Mexico)

  • Haiti Ocean Project



Current Stats:

  • 25 organizations supported in 12 countries

  • 83 grants totaling more than US $350,000

  • 2.8 million hatchlings saved

  • 5 species protected

Photo credits: Neil Ever Osborne, Pro Peninsula, Michael Liles